CAD drafting/3D modeling


From conceptualizing a product to creating a digital representation of a worksite, digital design is the foundation for our business. From here we take our ideas and give them shape. Our basic design rate starts at $50/hr for all projects. 



Our knowledge on industry standard procedures, materials and work flows can help you design the optimal process for manufacturing your idea or simply creating something that works for you. From an initial design and test prototype to labels and packaging, we can develop a product ready for market.


$50/HR+ - $2/MIN

We have a range of options for your fabrication needs;

  • Laser Cutting/Etching - $2.00/Minute
  • CNC Routing/Carving - $2.00/Minute
  • Carpentry/Finishing - $50/Hour
  • Welding/Metal Fabrication - $75/Hour
  • Onsite Fabrication/Installation - $150/Hour
  • Custom Cabinetry - $300.00/Linear Foot